3 Simple Reasons Your House Hasn't Sold

Has your home been on the market longer than you expected? Here are three simple reasons you might not have gotten an offer:OVERPRICING.Overpricing your home is not the way to go.Research tells us that the first three weeks are the most cr… Read more

January is National Radon Action Month

Did you know that Radon Gas is the second cause of lung cancer after smoking? Take a moment and educate yourself on what radon gas is and how it can have an effect on your health! Read more: https://rismedia.com/2019/01/06/radon-action-m… Read more

Kris Kullman named REALTOR of the Year

REALTOR of the Year is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon one of its members.The Award is presented annually to a REALTOR nominated by their peers and then selected by the REALTOR of the Year Committee.The Committee reviews all nom… Read more

Should you save or should you pay off debt?

Simple math suggests it’s probably better to pay off debt before saving for retirement or adding to your emergency fund. Generally, if you’re paying more interest than you’re earning in interest, you’re losing money.But personal fin… Read more

Teal Pumpkin Project

Keep in mind this Halloween some children have allergies. The best way to support this is by jumping on the teal pumpkin movement. The teal pumpkin project was created in an attempt to make all trick or treaters feel included and bring aw… Read more

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Step 1 - Get in in shape!

1. Tally the age of various itemsNo matter how great your home looks at first glance, any savvy buyer will point to various parts and pop the question: How old? And since guesstimates won’t cut it, it’s time to gather some paper… Read more