What made you decide to become a REALTOR®?

I grew up in Randolph and Tucker counties, and have always been a farm girl. Living out in the country has also meant hard work, and I used to work for my father who was a building contractor. Working for my Dad gave me a love for the many aspects of real estate. I loved helping him and watching him build a brand new home for someone and felt he helped people achieve their dream homes. I pursued my career in Real Estate to accomplish the same thing, to help people find their place to call Home.

Provide a brief description of your real estate background

My real estate career started in 2016. My professional experience is customer service always.

  • Thank you for your help with finding a renter for my rental home. Having KLM manage this for me was great. It saved me so much time and I had a lot more views and potential renters for the place." — Jim Moran