What made you decide to become a REALTOR®?

People always say; "Do what you love to do,” so I decided to do just that! My interest has always been looking for, reviewing, and analyzing different properties. It is something I have always enjoyed doing and I am fortunate enough to make a career of it.

Provide a brief description of your real estate background

In the final semester of my college years (2006), I gained experience through an internship at KLM Properties, Inc. I achieved my Bachelor of Arts degree from WVU, but ever since, I have continued to attain education and experience through a myriad of real estate proceedings.

What one word would your past clients or friends use to describe you?


  • In 2009, we purchased a property in Morgantown, WV. As we are from Maryland, there were certainly some logistical issues involved. I would like to thank Randy Neal of KLM Properties for his efforts to make our purchase go as smoothly as possible. Not only did we purchase a property, we feel we gained a friend in Randy Neal. — Michael J. Doyle DDS
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