What made you decide to become a REALTOR®?

Becoming a Real Estate Agent was an idea I had at an early age. Once I finally came across an opportunity to assist in the daily activities of an Agent, I became fond and passionate about the work. Real Estate was a job I knew I would enjoy. The idea of helping people grow and change their lives by relocating from states away or from the other side of town has always fascinated me, and I knew I wanted to be a part of the process.

Provide a brief description of your real estate background

Although being new to the Real Estate Industry, I have spent time getting associated by working as an Assistant to a Real Agent in Morgantown. I believe this time was vital in giving me useful information and experience for my future career in real estate.

What one word would your past clients or friends use to describe you?

Dependable. Someone who always follows through.

I love to watch TV shows and movies during my free time. I am fascinated with the stories people have created and put on screen. However, I also enjoy getting outside and going kayaking, hiking, biking and running. My free time is about being active, relaxing, and gaining life experiences.