What made you decide to become a REALTOR®?

Having worked at KLM throughout college, I fell in love with the profession of finding people not just a house, but their home.

Provide a brief description of your real estate background

Born and raised in Morgantown, I have always had a passion for finding people the right home in the right part of town. I know Morgantown and the surrounding area inside and out, and I feel I can match people with the area of town that best fits their personality and needs.

What one word would your past clients or friends use to describe you?


  • She was awesome to work with and I really enjoyed her partnership! I hope to continue working with her in the future and I will surely recommend customers to her- there is no doubt she will treat each and every customer as great as she did with our last deal together! KLM is very lucky to have such a great, dedicated realtor! — Emmy B Sustakoski