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Let’s find the property that will “take you home.”

At KLM Properties, we help you Find it, Buy it, and Sell it. We are Morgantown, West Virginia's premier real estate company. Let's get started.

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We give you peace-of-mind.

At KLM, we value our reputation, and because we live in the Morgantown community, we strive to look out for our “neighbors.” We truly have our clients’ best interests in mind when buying (or selling) a home...

Take the Buyer’s Journey

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Shared Experiences

Traci had urgency in handling all of my concerns and issues with looking for a home.

Kandice has a knack for interior decorating and believes in picturesque living both inside and outside. Because of her love for adding decoration to her rooms, she quickly outgrew her current townhome, and was looking to upgrade to a house with more space.

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