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At KLM Properties, we help you Find it, Buy it, and Sell it. We are Morgantown, West Virginia's premier real estate company. Let's get started.

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Fifty-three percent of buyers say that what they want most out of their real estate agents is help finding the right home, according to NAR. Just because you have found your perfect home, doesn’t mean your KLM agent stops there...

Take the Buyer’s Journey

buyers journey

Shared Experiences

KLM Properties is the only real estate company for us! They treated us like family.

Buying your first house can be a very intimidating and overwhelming experience, which anyone who has gone through it can attest to. This was the case for Adam and Rachel Heller. They had recently been married and wanted to buy their first house.

“We had no idea how to even get started. A friend of ours from Parkersburg recommended we call Kathy Martin from KLM Properties. Our friend was someone we trusted so we made the call.”

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