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Let’s find the property that will “take you home.”

At KLM Properties, we help you Find it, Buy it, and Sell it. We are Morgantown, West Virginia's premier real estate company. Let's get started.

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KLM Properties real estate agents are your saving grace when it comes to buying a home. We will guide you through the entire home buying process—and represent you—every step of the way...

Take the Buyer’s Journey

buyers journey

Shared Experiences

Whenever I think of buying or selling, I know the real estate company to call.

Erik Olness has bought and sold with Lisa Ware and KLM Properties many times.

“I first met Lisa when she sold a house for my parents several years ago. She was able to sell their property in a matter of weeks. She was very efficient, professional, responsive, and just plain good. Besides that, she was really easy to work with and takes care of everything… even things that I know she doesn’t need to.”

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